Custom Victorinox Knife

To cut a long story short, I ordered an Alox Cadet from Amazon and it arrived with a manufacturing defect, as seen in the photos below. Due to complications (location, freight forwarding service I had used) the good people at Amazon deemed it prohibitively expensive for me to return the knife and offered me a refund and let me keep the knife. As you can see below, there is a small washer out of place on the knife, which caused



I decided to try and fix it, I sketched up a few concepts and settled on the design below.


Next up I got an SLA 3D print to make sure I was happy with the design.


I then designed and machined an aluminium injection mould tool. The image below shows the tool and freshly moulded parts. The material is a carbon fibre filled nylon, which is extremely stiff, allowing me to keep the scales very thin. I also bead blasted the cavities in the tool to give the finished part a nice texture.


Here’s the finished product.




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