DIY CNC Router: Electronics

Since their release in 2003, I have been a fan of the beautifully designed (and manufactured) aluminium Apple PowerMac G5 cases. When searching for enclosure solutions for my CNC electronics it seemed like the ideal opportunity to to repurpose one of these cases, especially since they can be picked up complete for next to nothing (~$40 NZD).

Photo 1-08-15 3 33 01 pm

Completely removing the contents proved surprisingly difficult and time consuming, especially as I was intending to retain the elegant side panel locking mechanism.


I mounted most of the electronic components on acrylic sheets which were then attached to the inside of the case using some of the original mounting posts.

Electronic Component list:

  • Ethernet Smooth Stepper Board
  • 5V regulated power supply
  • 48V Regulated power supply
  • Gecko G540 stepper driver



Laser cut rear panel + labelling.




2 thoughts on “DIY CNC Router: Electronics

    • Hi Felipe, I like the ESS a lot, it was easy to set up with the G540 and I haven’t had any trouble with it. I also love that I can control my CNC machine just using my Macbook connected via Ethernet.


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